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DR Courier Express offers World class Sea cargo shipping service from India. Sea Cargo service is the best solution for transferring goods from one country to another. Compared to our other services like Air cargo, Road transportation, this sea cargo is quite slower but it has more advantages. The weight limits are less important and at the same time not too classy.

What is sea cargo service used for?

Sea Cargo service is used for transporting bulk goods, commercial shipments and carnet service etc. The sea cargo can carry huge amounts of goods compared with Airplanes or trucks. Sea cargo is a very cost-effective solution for transferring large amounts of goods from India to worldwide.

Which is the reliable sea cargo service in India?

DR Courier Express is the reliable Sea Cargo service in New Delhi, India. Using our Sea Cargo service can shift large goods with ease. Along with fewer restrictions, we pick up goods from your doorstep and delivery on time with cheapest prices over long distances. Advanced real time tracking technology helps to know the product flow.

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Why choose DR Courier Express sea cargo service?
  • Sea port to Sea port service

Helps to transport huge quantities of cargo over large distances in a cost-effective way

  • Warehouse Facilities

We provide a good experience to our customers where they can outsource our complete warehouse facility

  • Cargo Insurance

Helps to protect cargos from physical damage or robbery.

  • Cargo tracking system

Cargo tracking system allows you to determine cargo current position

Benefits of our Sea Cargo Services

Door to Door Service
Priority Shipping
Documentation Service